i miss you

im not sure why

but i miss your struggle

your need for me

your pureness

i miss being close

without having fear

fear of getting hurt

everything is extremely simple

you ask how

you come, you must go

what happens between

is just a moment where we belong

nothing else

no expectations, no future

nothing that has pain

being sane in insane circumstances

i miss you

i miss your happiness

your laughter

your sincere eyes

your soft skin

how your hair smell

i miss how you treat me

how you hold

i am so close to sun

while being close to you

you ask me to stop time

i come closer

hold tighter

breath slower

am calmer

next minute has suddenly more

than there was before

no magic

no tragic

just safe world to live in

something to believe in

something to inhale in

secure feeling

i am truly missing

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