I live forever

Fuck it, I live forever,

the voo-doo you could do

won’t jeopardize my mojo.

2nd coming for myself,

this time I got dementia

while trying to think ’bout ya,

my lyricism is too positive

for your negative criticism,

you try hard living in me,

I’m feelin’ your struggling,

I know what living means

in a shadow of human being,

you try so hard expressing

your own emotions

while going thourgh my motion.

Magic potion won’t give you powers,

sniff tragic powder but caution,

you might never find fortune

trying escape presence, it’s unfortunate.

Noname vocals on my earphones,

her wisdom breaks my bones,

her mind won’t leave me alone,

cold heart in this poetry game,

hold on, where is the love?

Above all the usual bla-bla?

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