Planet Earth

Systematic distress

on stressful spaceship,

we all being planted to face,

face what?

Ignorance to be blind,

no desire to search,

just cruising through universe—

all negative sides.

So, give solutions Zeus,

don’t hesitate,

face what?

Struggle is the topic,

rich or poor, not much difference,

benjamins equals attention,

non equals affliction,

every one got same issues,

different stories but same endings,

lack of confidence,

lack of willpower,

lack of words to discribe the feelings,

little time and little finances,

little love and actual friendships,

absence of sincere in everywhere,

honesty is myth from stories we hear,

tears are falling down but we keep moving on,

no thought entertains a mind,

which could lead to better lives.

We should search freedom,

life outside system,

i was programmed to be slave,

now i have a choice to make—

continue to obey

or slay all brainwash.

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