loving u is complicated,

place blame in you still,

filled with sinned past,

who cast in this world of him,

lines heal his mind,

loose ends he can’t close,

fall into pieces every single time

when wind is blowing strong,

no light breeze nor air movement,

tsunami is coming at him,

next is only thought he had,

what brought him here he asked,

lack of confidence or insecurity,

maybe let-down he served for world,

maybe himself he couldn’t relate,

fuck faith, hope is blind,

no signs where he’s standing tall,

trust me, loving u is complicated,

what were his intentions in this game,

fame got him messed up like hungry kid,

looking for shelter or food to eat

single pennie in the pocket,

how could he buy self respect

when it’s costing more than twenty,

plenty of ignorance critizing his struggle,

feel free, i’m no police to make you stop,

flop or fake but keep going for god sake,

who gives a fuck about your vocabulary

if words are meaningless without action,

be me and do it by yourself,

i know the result before you start,

failing would be your second name,

no question about it.

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