I believe in you

You, yes you

not me nor him nor her


Do as I do

do not hesitate

close your eyes

empty your mind

i’ll take you to tour.

Be you, real you

feel the energy

see you


we gonna do a miracle

where you wanna be ‪tomorrow‬

or later or following year

see yourself anywhere

your mind must arrive before your body does

picture being happy

being calm or stress free

holding puppy

or weather being sunny

focus is the key

hold that thought

is it possible or not

impossible means i’m possible

i have strenght

i am strong enough

in this very moment that matters the most

be present

be here, be alive

give yourself a chance

life is beautiful

you are capable of everything

if you can see it, you can do it

you are remarkable

you feel you’re filled with flaws

be still you with all you got

trust me they all fall through

ups and downs

one step back next two ahead

be positive

dont let them make you

haters, non-believers

they’re there, you see, you hear

but you have enough confidence

to avoid their ignorance

peace of soul has no price tag

keep it real, keep it simple

enjoy moments and smile more

explore yourself and world

i believe in you.

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