Inspire me

I’m weak, I have flaws,

not everyday I can admit

but today I’m too small

to be the inspiration.

I could use some motivation.

I need you to inspire me,

take the wheel and lead,

you have all that’s needed.

Trust me you got this,

just have patience,

take deep breath and go.

Ignorance won’t stop you,

you have knowledge to know,

their voices are whispers,

you hear but you never listen,

they see you and judge

but never got your attention.

As I said you have everything,

you will succeed in anything.

Place love in yourself

and trust more, doubt less,

you have no debt to pay,

no past bad experiences,

you are blank page

capeble of changing Globe.

All doors are in front of you,

don’t peak in, don’t hesitate,

go through with confidence.

I believe in you every step.

I place my life in yours,

I come with you.

Next time you feel empty

I will be there to support.

I will inspire you.

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