Face life

Tired of running,

so tired of running,

keep being funny,

it suits you,

makes me smiling.

World full of disappointments,

full of wrong mindsets,

have you wondered what if,

just what if, wonder minute or five.

He said I act crazy,

she said I might be lazy

and one other fella had a suggestion

I should hang myself,

and I realized some’ myself,

even though I’m insecure,

even though I might feel apart,


maybe people around me,

the environment that surrounds me

has something seriously wrong,

not me nor my failures

but the colors they’ve painted me,

their meaning behind my actions,

their reality behind my fiction,

their truth behind my lies,

my life begins where them dies.

Head held high,

my hands are steady

by my side I move up,

setbacks won’t make me go back,

step by step I reach to the sky,

I find my peace you could never steal.

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