I miss you,

I need to see you.

My needs but what about her?

What is wrong with universe?

Nothing I guess,

it’s people living in it.

Someone hurts other for no reason

or take advantage or abuse

like we live in “I’m God season”.

This 4 square green paper

makes decisions without me,

I do things I never wanted

for piece I always lust after.

It’s seems like nonsense.

Money can’t buy happiness

but without it there is none.

It is a tool if in good hands

but most of us misuse it.

I dream of being Mr Robot,

having a magic talent

that could take down the system

owned by money hunters

and free humans from handcuffs.

There are other possibilities.

This is my obsession.

There must be

or am I living in a dream

so scared to wake up

or am I awake

and too scared to live in a dream.

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