I mean society,

90% of them at least

are just stupid enough

to follow everything

they see in screens.

It’s amazing

how less they know

and how happy they still feel.

Ignorance must be bliss.

Be happy.

You are beautiful.

You can fucking do it.

You are real.

Be real nigga.

Be who?

Be what?

Fuck them thoughts.

Someone cares for you.

Don’t ever close.

Be open to a beautiful world.

What world?

I mean, the fuck is this shit about?

Most of ’em
 even have no real feeling inside

because they worry too much

about clothes they wear

or shit they eat

or place they sleep

or just fucking gossip.


This is one motherfuck.

No life in one,

around one,

anywhere near one,


They’re so desperate

that they live other’s lives.

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