I am who I am

My name, my identity

and I’m not proud of it,

looking for alias

for myself to represent me.

I can only be me,

where did I turn wrong?

Wanting to be someone I’m not,

false reality and cyber activity,

self-confidence is long gone,

insecurity is now on top.

Seeking for place to hide,

behind masks or screens.

Let the Sims be imaginary,

I have skin, face and DNA,

ideas and dreams and sins.

Everything in me is special,

daily dose of motivation,

no other way in these days.

Because ones who don’t succeed

lead others down too.

I am real and I am me,

I don’t have to hide,

I am proud of me.

I see where you don’t have eyes,

my inner world, my reality.

I chase my dreams right here

not in false reality,

where I must be a person

I’m actually not.

Lessons learned I must admit,

you trying to tell me who I am

or what should I do

is waste of both our time.

Hey, fuck you!

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