Struggle must be real

even though I question it still.

Fill the blanks, help me understand.

Why standing tall and acting tough,

having realness in self

and believing truly,

being good and faithful,

puts me through a struggle

I never signed for?

Full of gold deep inside,

tresure box with skin,

hidden from world,

following His path blindly,

I took the winning groove,

I didn’t choose to lose,

I went to school,

I did what You asked.

Is this the price you promised,

poverty and noose,

cold heart with blood,

stressed mess in spirit?

Try find positive vibes

when times are so cruel.

I count pennies every day

while trying to provide food,

imagine if I’m not solo,

how should I feed plus one

when having troubles eatin’ lone?

Problems don’t stop,

some how I need to save too

for the worst days

when moneyflow stops.

It’s not a game where you restart,

it’s a life where are no stops,

every day is a struggle, more or less.

Ideally I ain’t spineless,

I fight through, I’m an alien.

You give me obstacle,

I’m giving you demolition.

Fuck you and your lessons,

I’m tired, your Hines.

Give me some love from above,

give sun and rainbows,

give fresh air and warm breeze,

give summer please,

cut this winter shit

where is no snow in sight,

be little more gentle.

Mental illness is underrated,

I rather be ill than livin’ in blindness,

struggle is unconsious,

programmed by multiple generations,

I am the face of my ancestors.

Judge less, appreciate life itself,

I am the highest, I must flourish mentally,

I am God within me

and only God can judge me,

vice versa.

It all starts from me,

some day I will win,

no question about it.

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