Get busy living

Some days,

I can’t find words

at least the right ones

to describe my daily routine

I’m going through.

Differences in every day,

the more odd I feel

the less I actually live.

But even then I still write,

so remember.

Even though you might

feel not so alright,

have no confidence in self

or have no will for life,

lights are on when it’s dark out.

Fight through and look for smile,

maybe one tiny piece

you didn’t know you seek,

fire you up with inspiration

you needed to get by day-motion.

Motivation lies in me,

in you as well indeed,

live up to your potential,

have dreams so big you get scared

because you can’t lose

when you’re doing you.

Your dreams are yours,

no one can take them away,

only small-minded people

would try to jeopardize these.

Get busy living.

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