Big brother

Big brother by my side

how its possible

if I’m the only male child

growing up in this family

protecting he says

securing from enemies

i cant see monsters looking at me

wanting to hurt me

other than the one beside me

big brother by my side

you bring me down

you slow my rythme

how can you fool so many

and care about so few?

soon i’ll be institutionalized

against my will

against my ability to live free

you put me there

behind bars to serve the country

you dont make sure i’m safe

you make sure i’m your slave

all my life i lived as i supposed to

and you wont encourage me

you stop me anyway you could

mental health is under lights

i die or rise and defeat my enemy

you can lock my body up

but you cant touch my mind

one day when system falls apart

i’ll be in the front row pushing you down

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      1. Yes I did, I’m sorry I didn’t reply. Thank you so much. I read it and was really happy, but I was in a hurry and I had to go. Im sorry again. Also I’m really happy you liked my drawings

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