Sometimes it is late

he said where you going

she said quickly, away

he said come back to me

she said maybe following day

he said why, i need you now

she said yeah, but i’m busy

he said i cant believe it

she said well, deal with it

he fall into pieces

she was finding peace

he said again, please come

she said stop it, i’m gone

he said but i’m hurting

she said, i’m working

he said stop, i need you

she said my battery is empty

stop writing or i will..

he said i think i’m losing my mind

you stabbed my heart,

walked away and never even cared.

she looked in the screen

seeing unseen messages

she turned off her phone

he was devastated in his home

needing someone close

but knowing she would never be the one

she worked and worked

he was drifting apart

untill a day she was looking support

but she couldnt find the second part of her heart.

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