God is in me

Life has gifts,

certan secrets hidden deep,

we all know the way

but can we all find them?

I could move down the hill

but I’m still moving foward,

it’s better than standing still

or driving backwards.

Ups and downs,

I bounce back

or bounce backwards,

hangovered by negativity,

“you can’t make it,”

“you are not worthy enough.”

These clouds hang over my head,

clowns downstairs could yell

to make me insecure

and take away my will

but with my skill and talent

there is nothing I can’t overcome

I choose dispite crowds choice

my selection without their distraction,

I could pray and look for God,

watching up, looking in the sky

not knowing God is in me,

I am the God, faith and ticket out,

I am the secret that serves me well.

Self-love could be hard,

could be tough with all the flaws.

I know they all fall through,

because when moments come

I have everything to make them count.

I am creative.

I have courage.

I am free to observe.

I can learn.

I have enough knowledge.

I am wise to make things happen.

I can’t be held back.

I have ideas.

I make them real.

I have dreams.

I have love for me.

I live in my dream.

My reality is my fiction.

I have perfect mind

to avoid limits from others words.

I am capable of everything.

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