*sign in front of many lines*

“lifting a mask
is a two-man job
help from one side
and you could see
a soul behind one”

choosing future
while looking at notes from past

she wonders
why she wasn’t picked
while her only wish was to stand beside a man she didn’t resist
I wonder
why she picked a line to stand
that wasn’t meant to end beside a man she didn’t resist

her heart had size of universe
made of glass
once it was dropped
it shattered into pieces
now it’s impossible to know
how big it is
when they meet

she stumbles into darkness
with having zero strenght
without having met the hero
behind the closed eyes yet
because noone ever told her
there’s a switch
only one can direct
lightness is darkness

as she was standing there
I noticed another human being
now it was already three
with the same pain inside
if they could only knew
they were never alone

I wonder
where is the responsibility
to guide ourselves
who should she ask
what she’s capable of
without needing to worry
if one deceives her or not
I wonder
where is the driven force
to show one realness
without getting paid for

she left
being crushed
one left
with its broken soul
I left
with an empty scene
filled with painful memory

our past directs our future
if the voice of heart is silenced

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