You, yes you
not me nor him nor her
Do as I do
do not hesitate
close your eyes
empty your mind
i’ll take you to tour.
Be you, real you
feel the energy
see you
we gonna do a miracle
where you wanna be tomorrow
or later or following year
see yourself anywhere
your mind must arrive before your body does
picture being happy
being calm or stress free
holding puppy
or weather being sunny
focus is the key
hold that thought
is it possible or not
impossible means i’m possible
i have strength
i am strong enough
in this very moment that matters the most
be present
be here, be alive
give yourself a chance
life is beautiful
you are capable of everything
if you can see it, you can do it
you are remarkable
you feel you’re filled with flaws
be still you with all you got
trust me they all fall through
ups and downs
one step back next two ahead
be positive
don’t let them make you
haters, non-believers
they’re there, you see, you hear
but you have enough confidence
to avoid their ignorance
peace of soul has no price tag
keep it real, keep it simple
enjoy moments and smile more
explore yourself and world
i believe in you.

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