Mr. Probz – Waves

My paranoia gettin’ worse and my anxiety high
Mind got me staying in the eye of the fire
Sometimes I don’t know if I’ma drown or fly
Heart so big I be down to die
For all the ones I love, too bad they don’t think I really love ’em
They don’t understand that there just so many of ’em
Hustle’s got so many of em, everybody pulling at me
Can’t leave the house without everybody lookin’ at me
Hm, had a dream last night
That my wife was at my wake, with my son, he said “look at daddy”
Something got me thinking this might be the end
But if it is you gon’ wish for a G when I’m gone

Drifting away
Wave after wave, wave after wave
I’m slowly drifting (drifting away)
And it feels like I’m drowning
Pulling against the stream
Pulling against the wave

My face above the water
And my feet can’t touch the ground
Touch the ground, and it feels like
I can see the sands on the horizon
Every time you are not around

– Mr.Probz 

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