When a fish swims, he swims on and on, and there is no end to the water. When a bird flies, he flies on and on, and there is no end to the sky. From the most ancient times there was never a fish who swam out of water, nor a bird who flew out of the sky. Yet when the fish needs just a little water, he uses just a little; and when he need a lot, he uses lots. Thus the tips oh their heads are always at the outer edge (of their space). If ever a bird flies beyond that edge, he dies, and so also with the fish. From the water the fish makes his life, and from the sky, the bird. But this life is made by the bird and the fish. At the same time, the bird and the fish are made by life. Thus there are the fish, the water, the life, and all three create each other. Yet if there were a bird who first wanted to examine the size of the sky, or a fish who first wanted to examine the extent of the water – and then try to fly or to swim, they will never find their own ways in the sky or water.

by Sabro Hasegawa

The Way of Zen by Alan Watts
lk. 124

Ilma praeguse hetke nautimiseta, kaotame me end tulevikku. Oodatud rahulolu ilmub igavesti horisondil, milleni me iial ei jõua. 

Ole õnnelik praegu ning õnnelikkus homme on iseenesest olemas.

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