Bad Dreams

Sometimes I’m come home early close all curtins and switch off lights to get lost in darkness Sometimes after I’m lost I see my true self in the mirror where hiding isn’t the case I see my frightened self who doesn’t know how to breathe healthy Sometimes I feel so insecure and seeing weeknesses I [...]

Real Imagination   Today. Is it real or imaginary? Am i sleeping or am I just pretending? Lucid dreaming. You feel confused, I feel energy. My game starts now where's no lights on and you're looking for place to hide. I'm excited, I wander around, eyes are wide open and I hear wispers from backround. Again. [...]

Falling I’m alone, lonely I’m not ashamed done wearing masks I’m just devastated feeling so empty unwanted and hurted god planted bug in me I guess I haven’t figured out how to solve this mess close to noose just let me let loose I know I’m fool but it cuts deep how I feel every [...]