At one point

I didn’t see shadows anymore

and then realized

light won’t shine on ghosts

What am I

you need me

i’m something

you don’t

i’m nothing


What happened?

“You are supposed to fight for those you love, I guess I’m not worth it.”

Broken love

“You know what hurts the most?

Being a second choice to someone who’s always your first choice. It hurts.”

Killed Souls

It’s unfortunate

you killed a soul

now spirit’s haunting you

endless life before death



I don’t matter anymore.

I’ve got my scars.

Tears and fears are overrated,

I stop being protective.

Next steps ahead,

never know how many ones,

head held low

and steps are going slower.

I wanted to vanish,

it was times ago,

ghost to be some day,

shadows around me are gone.

I am one of them now!


voices come and go

maybe I hallucinate

maybe not

what’s the differance anyway

if I do as he says I’m cray

but if I talk back

then I’m just analyzing

I guess I’m losing it this time for real

booze cant really heal a man

but loose ends might grow back together

with little burboun in vains

at least it gives more time to catch soul

who’s running like Usain

brain cancer or some disorder, who knows

I’m no diagnostician

healthy approuch didn’t work

I try some else

let’s see where I end up


you always leave me 

the saddest human being there is to compare with me

and it seems like you feel nothing

I envy being you

walking away for better future

like tomorrow is guaranteed

I dont know if it stupid or admirable

but I know for me it’s not acceptable


“I stopped listening music.”


“One day, all songs were about you.”

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