going crazy chasing imagination looking characters which one I fit best of who should I try first lust before assassination but no soul has funeral because roles are endless just pick differant one after ending one’s lifetime levels of visualization give me another realization this conception is perfection

One Love

one time i lose this game being so confedent and over-skilled but still i lose this game one time i stop writing going home without a warning i stop talking going away without knowing one time i’m just a memory you share with friends and family just another piece of history you cant let go [...]


Sometimes I miss you so much Sometimes I wish you were here Sometimes I kiss you for goodbye Sometimes I wish you mustn’t go Sometimes I wish life’s easier Sometimes I put emotions in words Sometimes I kiss sorrow Sometimes I kiss happiness Most of times I’m just lucky to have you, Ms.

I Want You

looking in the mirror i want you seeing my face blushing i want you digging inside me i want you i’ve been running away i want you looking into my own eyes i want you closing them for second i want you opening and realizing still standing lone *silence*