you kissed me

and i lost my senses

i pinched your lips

to see if you still exist

My Home

like sound

without focus

is just a noise

is one flat

without love

just another flat

you are my home

Safe Heaven

she’s dangerous

but she’s safe

she’s interesting

she can’t be safe

she must be dangerous

but it feels so safe

i want interesting

i want safe

but interesting is dangerous

maybe she’s exeptional

i know no knowledge of her actually

to decide which category

i’m looking safe heaven in a place where are no lifevests


it’s great to wake up in the morning

when the person next to you

is the one from the dream you were dreaming yesterday


“When I look at you, I find my way home.”

Little things

with little things

words and behaviour

with little things

emotions and being

your little things

I smile with no reason at all

other than you in my thought

happiness, in me

from me, from you, from we

seeing good in every situation

is blessing you showed me


Don’t you want me to be happy?

“To be honest, I’ve always wanted to be a little bit happier than you.”


Where did you go?

“Away. My presence were to painful.”

Are you back?

“No. It’s just a dream you dreaming.”

Sorrowing Soul

I’m chords

with a beautiful voice on it

I’m endless beat

with deepest words

you didn’t write it down

now you’ve lost the music

but the heart beat isn’t then same

when there’s no rythm to follow

who are you gonna blame?

I would blame fear but I’m no you

because sorrowing soul is unrelatable

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