One Love

one time i lose this game being so confedent and over-skilled but still i lose this game one time i stop writing going home without a warning i stop talking going away without knowing one time i’m just a memory you share with friends and family just another piece of history you cant let go [...]

Head is the Answer

Play smart, safe stay strong, have faith don’t let them sway you slay their hesitation you’re facing dreams they being dazed by fears mental haze crazy situation, speechless inner self introduces itself worthless, emotionless scared, tortured mess lose possessions take safe profession don’t start risky buisness you wont be successful I look mirror reflection I [...]

I love me

self-love show me store we could shop it lets hope its opened 24/7 it would give us leverage over devil's servants, permanent damage on Earth we living, how could they rule if hate is overruled? civil rights, useless words in book, where do you really look if things are the worst? inside self or codex [...]

Get busy living

Some days, I can't find words at least the right ones to describe my daily routine I'm going through. Differences in every day, the more odd I feel the less I actually live. But even then I still write, so remember. Even though you might feel not so alright, have no confidence in self or [...]