it’s great to wake up in the morning

when the person next to you

is the one from the dream you were dreaming yesterday


“When I look at you, I find my way home.”

Little things

with little things

words and behaviour

with little things

emotions and being

your little things

I smile with no reason at all

other than you in my thought

happiness, in me

from me, from you, from we

seeing good in every situation

is blessing you showed me

God is in me.

Mental illness is underrated,

I rather be ill than livin’ in blindness,

struggle is unconsious,

programmed by multiple generations,

I am the face of my ancestors.

Judge less, appreciate life itself,

I am the highest, I must flourish mentally,

I am God within me

and only God can judge me,

vice versa.

It all starts from me.


these people are dangerous

that’s why i’m dangerous

i dont want dangerous

i want safe

but dangerous is interesting

i want interesting

well, maybe some other day when choosing’s easier


you love him

you love her

you love so much

you love when love hurts

but what love got to do if can’t love yourself

I want you to fly

I want you to fly

I want you to fly

spread your wings high

and slide through the sky

I want you to fly

I want you to fly

let your worries die

let your difficulties go by

stressful people – goodbye

I want you to fly

I want you to fly

I want you to fly so high

you’re afraid to come back down from the sky


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Gandhi


“Did you know that people wake up in the morning?

Did you know that people have to go to work almost every morning?

It’s horrible.”

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