At one point

I didn’t see shadows anymore

and then realized

light won’t shine on ghosts

Sorrowing Soul

I’m chords

with a beautiful voice on it

I’m endless beat

with deepest words

you didn’t write it down

now you’ve lost the music

but the heart beat isn’t then same

when there’s no rythm to follow

who are you gonna blame?

I would blame fear but I’m no you

because sorrowing soul is unrelatable

No Pressure

You ain’t never liked me

Cause you ain’t seen nobody like me

Can’t go wrong with the right team

no pressure

– Mahalia

My worthiness

Limited on Earth

unable to find my true worth.

– Lauryn Hill


“I can show you the truth, but I can’t make you believe it.”

– Reymond Reddington


vabanda et armastan nii kuradi kõrgelt

et alla oma võimete elades purustad mind tiibadest


How are you?

“I’m falling apart piece by piece, everything goes south and I don’t know how to stop this snowball falling off the mountain. It’s so hard to wake up every day and smile when all I need is escape from reality.”

Couldn’t you just answer “fine”?

What am I

you need me

i’m something

you don’t

i’m nothing


What happened?

“You are supposed to fight for those you love, I guess I’m not worth it.”

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