Killed Souls

It’s unfortunate

you killed a soul

now spirit’s haunting you

endless life before death



I don’t matter anymore.

I’ve got my scars.

Tears and fears are overrated,

I stop being protective.

Next steps ahead,

never know how many ones,

head held low

and steps are going slower.

I wanted to vanish,

it was times ago,

ghost to be some day,

shadows around me are gone.

I am one of them now!

Come As You Are


You were my best friend

and closest enemy

look how it turned up

can’t say both now

when looking deep in your eyes.

Me moria.


I’m alone, lonely

I’m not ashamed

done wearing masks

I’m just devastated

feeling so empty

unwanted and hurted

god planted bug in me

I guess I haven’t figured out

how to solve this mess

close to noose

just let me let loose

I know I’m fool

but it cuts deep

how I feel every single day

when sun goes down.

Last one

Where are you going?

“I’m going in the ocean, trying to swim as far as I can.”

Why man? Don’t do it!

“Do you really care?”


*water was cold*


Let’s go to sleep.

“Should we wake up from this dream?”

*Earth stops spinning*


I’m sorry

this shit is crazy

face drowned in bottles

mind escapes from troubles

possible outcome i’m searching

just answer me back

let me know you’re ok

i’m worrying, i care

it’s not fair you punishing me

you vanished, me too

please forgive me

dont say you feel resentment

dont hate, love me

i know i did wrong

i had obsticles and setbacks

i had fear that controlled me

all i did was out of love

all i didn’t was me being scared

i love in the bottom of my heart

life is unbearable in my behalf

you said i have keys to happiness

but i’m weak and hopeless

come to me and save my soul

take away my restless mind

i am sorry i couldn’t give

my energy and time

my thoughts and spirit

it wasnt in purpose

i was just being prisoned by demon

i have all goods in me

i will show you one day

after prison escape is done

i love you truly

maybe it’s not my perspective

just me being empathetic


six eleven

trying to fix imagination

is soul really real?

how you know?

have you seen it?

feel it?

someone stabbed you?

loved you unconditionally?

draw me a picture

words are powerful

show me colors and texture

paint in my mind

so i could lose myself

in a happy fiction

tired of swimming in ocean

water placed with mortification

looking for islands

to remain brain function

i’m exhausted

come rescue me

take me away

so six twelve could be better

letter to ..


i hope you hate me enough

to suffocate my every breath i need to take,

to kill every second of joy

i need to enjoy in life,

i need to avoid void feeling

while listening Pink Floyd,

i deserve suffering

when i serve suffer,

you leave me live sole

but i cut deep in your soul,

i guess we are same ass,

just differant cheeks,

i hope you hate me enough

to suffocate my every breath i need to take,

you pushed me away

but i slayed you like hell,

being selfless is who we are,

being selfish is who we choose to be,

life navigates the way,

most of us will lose this fight,

including us,

i know i dream of losing myself,

losing existence,

i push me into valley of death

every next evening i cant take my fate,

you ask why,

why i beg you to come,

maybe i hoped you could save my soul,

maybe i was wrong,

i hope you hate me enough

to suffocate my every breath i need to take,

lost souls wont come back to this universe,

maybe only in lonely verse.

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