Real Imagination



Is it real or imaginary?

Am i sleeping

or am I just pretending?

Lucid dreaming.

You feel confused,

I feel energy.

My game starts now

where’s no lights on

and you’re looking for place to hide.

I’m excited,

I wander around,

eyes are wide open

and I hear wispers from backround.


Is it real or imaginary?

Going for place

I could lose myself

but today

I fight back,

I have enough strength,

I have power to overtake.

My light in the box,

maybe I found the switch.

What if I knew it all the time

and I just didn’t know

how to press it down?

I feel joy out of hope,

faith in me is straight,

it doesn’t come and go,

it stays to remain so.

I’m full of positivity,

I rarely feel these vibes in me.

Better to see dark sometimes

than be blind all our lives.

I’ve been walking dead.

I understand the situation here,

no problem to solve,

no mystery involved,

just me with a situation

that has a perfect solution.

Maybe I was too anxious to find,

maybe I wanted to turn off my mind.

Whatever it was,

I’m starting to wake up from it now.

Possibly I see things differantly,

I smile more and stress less

as I changed my approuch.

They could be full of evil,

devil could still pull the strings

but I’m not let him in.

Love heals

if you let your heart free.

It’s imaginary.

Everything that’s real

is deep in your mind

you can’t live apart,

so pretend or not,

eventually you still go back there.

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