“I demand unconditional love and complete freedom. That is why I am terrible.”

– Tomaž Šalamun


“Say that you want me.”


Keep ya head up


keep your head up

swing back

not fall down

without getting up

struggle feeds success

trust this process


Why are you so afraid of criminal system?

“Like other systems, it’s not built for average people to win, there’s only 50% chance i get justice, even if im 100% innocent. it makes me nervous.”

*he’s shivering*

I love truly

You came as tsunami and demolished everything. Why?

“My soul’s so deep it comes with waves but I couldn’t stay, I tried but I couldn’t stay to wait until you abuse my brain.”

*everything turned cold*

Let me be me



just clap your hands

if your a real

middle finger up

give a fuck how they feel

be yourself

just show me you’re real

–  Kendrick Lamar


I’m alone, lonely

I’m not ashamed

done wearing masks

I’m just devastated

feeling so empty

unwanted and hurted

god planted bug in me

I guess I haven’t figured out

how to solve this mess

close to noose

just let me let loose

I know I’m fool

but it cuts deep

how I feel every single day

when sun goes down.

Follow the sun



feel the pain

as much as love

lies are teachers

pain is mentor

one door closes

another one opens

cursed laws of universe



How did you know when you were in with love me?

“I smiled with no reason at all, other than you in my thought.”

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