Everything you deeply believe in will come true one day, just have patience.

If you can see it, you can hold it.

Human vs Animal

*Game of basketball*

As a Dog – Bunch of 2 legs animals fighting for one ball, running insanely up’n’down while trying to make some. What is this?

As a Spectator – Stupid men playing some sport as their life depends on it, going against each other while swetting heavily. Win or lose, too many emotions. It’s just a game.

As a performer – Bad ass homies who think their world’s best athletes trying to prove each other who is better by scoring and defending according to system their put in. It’s more than just a game.

Where is the truth? Are we animals or humans? Where’s the difference?


don’t tell lie on me

i won’t tell truth about you


you always leave me 

the saddest human being there is to compare with me

and it seems like you feel nothing

I envy being you

walking away for better future

like tomorrow is guaranteed

I dont know if it stupid or admirable

but I know for me it’s not acceptable


I’m tabloid

made up stories

just to characterize me

institutionalized by words

sentenced by sentences

faced forced allegations

for someone to get paid

laid back and easy-going

insecure inside, humble outside

fighting against ignorance

not realizing what I’m facing

looking my mirror reflection

I stopped fighting

and started being happy


going crazy

chasing imagination

looking characters

which one I fit best

of who should I try first

lust before assassination

but no soul has funeral

because roles are endless

just pick differant one

after ending one’s lifetime

levels of visualization

give me another realization

this conception is perfection


Why are you so afraid of criminal system?

“Like other systems, it’s not built for average people to win, there’s only 50% chance i get justice, even if im 100% innocent. it makes me nervous.”

*he’s shivering*

Dr. Strangelove


You are

the healing component I need

every next day

I must breathe.


How do you keep yourself alive?

“I live in illusion like everyone else.”

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