Be here

What do you need?

“I need you to be here when noone else won’t.”


I’m tabloid

made up stories

just to characterize me

institutionalized by words

sentenced by sentences

faced forced allegations

for someone to get paid

laid back and easy-going

insecure inside, humble outside

fighting against ignorance

not realizing what I’m facing

looking my mirror reflection

I stopped fighting

and started being happy


I’m struggling

living in this simulation

closed imagination

having potential

but unable to reach most of

only 10% available

although I choose to use

only percent or two

I’m struggling

living in this population

I’m deviating from this course

while having zero acceptence

it’s time to trust instincts

without fearing resistance

I could open my soul

to search for new options

which might not be well-liked

until years from now

when reality is catching up

My dreams got lost

What is your biggest regret?

“Achieving other people dreams, not mine.”



I miss you so much


I wish you were here


I kiss you for goodbye


I wish you mustn’t go


I wish life’s easier


I put emotions in words


I kiss sorrow


I kiss happiness

Most of times

I’m just lucky to have you, Ms.

I feel free

I used to love you

but now I don’t.

I saw how much I need love

and you showed me

how much I need me.

True love knows no pain,

soul’s connection completes

not breaking one in pieces.

I feel free.

Sweet lie

It’s wrong to say

there are more mafia

than those who fight against.

But it would be lying to say

there are more individuals

who fight against

than those who participate

in organized crime.


Maybe all who won’t take money are corrupt?

One planet, two worlds,

no difference whatsoever.


I’m sorry

this shit is crazy

face drowned in bottles

mind escapes from troubles

possible outcome i’m searching

just answer me back

let me know you’re ok

i’m worrying, i care

it’s not fair you punishing me

you vanished, me too

please forgive me

dont say you feel resentment

dont hate, love me

i know i did wrong

i had obsticles and setbacks

i had fear that controlled me

all i did was out of love

all i didn’t was me being scared

i love in the bottom of my heart

life is unbearable in my behalf

you said i have keys to happiness

but i’m weak and hopeless

come to me and save my soul

take away my restless mind

i am sorry i couldn’t give

my energy and time

my thoughts and spirit

it wasnt in purpose

i was just being prisoned by demon

i have all goods in me

i will show you one day

after prison escape is done

i love you truly

maybe it’s not my perspective

just me being empathetic

Too scared

too scared to leave

too scared to live

better being without God

than holding hand of death

when is the end?

how can i detect?

maybe God left me

or maybe i need more strenght

clinging onto something

feels better than having nothing

where is the logic?

i need some sense in this

otherwise i’ll lose my mind

help me please

i need some pill to kill my fears

so dreams could still live

being alone might be cray

being sad might slay you slow

which one has more pain?

you tell me that.

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