Sometimes I miss you so much Sometimes I wish you were here Sometimes I kiss you for goodbye Sometimes I wish you mustn’t go Sometimes I wish life’s easier Sometimes I put emotions in words Sometimes I kiss sorrow Sometimes I kiss happiness Most of times I’m just lucky to have you, Ms.

I feel free

I used to love you but now I don't. I saw how much I need love and you showed me how much I need me. True love knows no pain, soul's connection completes not breaking one in pieces. I feel free.

Sweet lie

It's wrong to say there are more mafia than those who fight against. But it would be lying to say there are more individuals who fight against  than those who participate in organized crime. Corruption? Maybe all who won't take money are corrupt? One planet, two worlds, no difference whatsoever.


I'm sorry this shit is crazy face drowned in bottles mind escapes from troubles possible outcome i'm searching just answer me back let me know you're ok i'm worrying, i care it's not fair you punishing me you vanished, me too please forgive me dont say you feel resentment dont hate, love me i know [...]

Too scared

too scared to leave too scared to live better being without God than holding hand of death when is the end? how can i detect? maybe God left me or maybe i need more strenght clinging onto something feels better than having nothing where is the logic? i need some sense in this otherwise i'll [...]


oh shut up yo punk funky groove, you chilling what's ya tryin to prove sue self ass or bury alive. whats my options nigga worse or worst, choose nigga, how can i explain this shit to myself and not underestimate the fate god put me face on Earth? tastes yack but still lasting spit it [...]


Period of time when numbers counting down, no clock, just infinite, what’s coming next, death or perfect life instead, invisible hand wearing watch, controlling minute after minute, what’s in it for us? In the middle of thoughts, wondering and wandering, controlled loneliness and city lights, mind's busy, fights after fights, heights I’m afraid of, still [...]