I'm sorry this shit is crazy face drowned in bottles mind escapes from troubles possible outcome i'm searching just answer me back let me know you're ok i'm worrying, i care it's not fair you punishing me you vanished, me too please forgive me dont say you feel resentment dont hate, love me i know [...]


i hope you hate me enough to suffocate my every breath i need to take, to kill every second of joy i need to enjoy in life, i need to avoid void feeling while listening Pink Floyd, i deserve suffering when i serve suffer, you leave me live sole but i cut deep in your [...]

Levitate if possible

Eyes full of numbers, green paper on the sight, I fight back but I’m spineless, spread more love, inspire, be role model, be on fire, that’s all true, great but living under bridge won’t inspire no mate. Spirit most be strong, ups and downs, I guess with fall must come impulse that helps me conquer [...]

Healing component

Love heals. Feelings. Being beside you is all I want. I could die during the day but I will born again once I see you. We lay in bed, world stops breathing, it's just you and me. So vulnerable. So adorable. So close to exchange heat. Beat in your heart makes me calm, I start [...]