Why are you so afraid of criminal system? “Like other systems, it’s not built for average people to win, there’s only 50% chance i get justice, even if im 100% innocent. it makes me nervous.” *he’s shivering*


Sometimes I miss you so much Sometimes I wish you were here Sometimes I kiss you for goodbye Sometimes I wish you mustn’t go Sometimes I wish life’s easier Sometimes I put emotions in words Sometimes I kiss sorrow Sometimes I kiss happiness Most of times I’m just lucky to have you, Ms.

I Want You

looking in the mirror i want you seeing my face blushing i want you digging inside me i want you i’ve been running away i want you looking into my own eyes i want you closing them for second i want you opening and realizing still standing lone *silence*

Last one

Where are you going? "I'm going in the ocean, trying to swim as far as I can." Why man? Don't do it! "Do you really care?" No. *water was cold*