“Did you know that people wake up in the morning?

Did you know that people have to go to work almost every morning?

It’s horrible.”

My worthiness

Limited on Earth

unable to find my true worth.

– Lauryn Hill


“I can show you the truth, but I can’t make you believe it.”

– Reymond Reddington


How are you?

“I’m falling apart piece by piece, everything goes south and I don’t know how to stop this snowball falling off the mountain. It’s so hard to wake up every day and smile when all I need is escape from reality.”

Couldn’t you just answer “fine”?

What am I

you need me

i’m something

you don’t

i’m nothing


What happened?

“You are supposed to fight for those you love, I guess I’m not worth it.”

Broken love

“You know what hurts the most?

Being a second choice to someone who’s always your first choice. It hurts.”


I thought I had control

as I looked at you

and then I realized

loving means

being helplessly powerless

it’s beautiful


lust for success

possess tons of money

blessed selfishness

no place for stress

just endless success

no losses just wins

confessed to deadliest sin


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