voices come and go

maybe I hallucinate

maybe not

what’s the differance anyway

if I do as he says I’m cray

but if I talk back

then I’m just analyzing

I guess I’m losing it this time for real

booze cant really heal a man

but loose ends might grow back together

with little burboun in vains

at least it gives more time to catch soul

who’s running like Usain

brain cancer or some disorder, who knows

I’m no diagnostician

healthy approuch didn’t work

I try some else

let’s see where I end up


you always leave me 

the saddest human being there is to compare with me

and it seems like you feel nothing

I envy being you

walking away for better future

like tomorrow is guaranteed

I dont know if it stupid or admirable

but I know for me it’s not acceptable

Man In The Mirror


Take a look at yourself and then make the change

You gotta get it right, while you got the time

Cause when you close your heart

Then you close your mind

– Michael Jackson


I’m tabloid

made up stories

just to characterize me

institutionalized by words

sentenced by sentences

faced forced allegations

for someone to get paid

laid back and easy-going

insecure inside, humble outside

fighting against ignorance

not realizing what I’m facing

looking my mirror reflection

I stopped fighting

and started being happy

Keep ya head up


keep your head up

swing back

not fall down

without getting up

struggle feeds success

trust this process

My dreams got lost

What is your biggest regret?

“Achieving other people dreams, not mine.”


“I stopped listening music.”


“One day, all songs were about you.”


Why are you so afraid of criminal system?

“Like other systems, it’s not built for average people to win, there’s only 50% chance i get justice, even if im 100% innocent. it makes me nervous.”

*he’s shivering*

I love truly

You came as tsunami and demolished everything. Why?

“My soul’s so deep it comes with waves but I couldn’t stay, I tried but I couldn’t stay to wait until you abuse my brain.”

*everything turned cold*

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