Bad Dreams

Sometimes I’m come home early close all curtins and switch off lights to get lost in darkness Sometimes after I’m lost I see my true self in the mirror where hiding isn’t the case I see my frightened self who doesn’t know how to breathe healthy Sometimes I feel so insecure and seeing weeknesses I [...]


Sometimes I miss you so much Sometimes I wish you were here Sometimes I kiss you for goodbye Sometimes I wish you mustn’t go Sometimes I wish life’s easier Sometimes I put emotions in words Sometimes I kiss sorrow Sometimes I kiss happiness Most of times I’m just lucky to have you, Ms.

Last one

Where are you going? "I'm going in the ocean, trying to swim as far as I can." Why man? Don't do it! "Do you really care?" No. *water was cold*

I feel free

I used to love you but now I don't. I saw how much I need love and you showed me how much I need me. True love knows no pain, soul's connection completes not breaking one in pieces. I feel free.


I'm sorry this shit is crazy face drowned in bottles mind escapes from troubles possible outcome i'm searching just answer me back let me know you're ok i'm worrying, i care it's not fair you punishing me you vanished, me too please forgive me dont say you feel resentment dont hate, love me i know [...]