I'm sorry this shit is crazy face drowned in bottles mind escapes from troubles possible outcome i'm searching just answer me back let me know you're ok i'm worrying, i care it's not fair you punishing me you vanished, me too please forgive me dont say you feel resentment dont hate, love me i know [...]


Period of time when numbers counting down, no clock, just infinite, what’s coming next, death or perfect life instead, invisible hand wearing watch, controlling minute after minute, what’s in it for us? In the middle of thoughts, wondering and wandering, controlled loneliness and city lights, mind's busy, fights after fights, heights I’m afraid of, still [...]

Love Yourz – J. Cole

Love Yourz - J. Cole - [Verse 2] For what's money without happiness? Or hard times without the people you love Though I'm not sure what's 'bout to happen next I asked for strength from the Lord up above Cause I've been strong so far But I can feel my grip loosening Quick, do something [...]

What if..

what if you are wandering in a room with four white falls full of smoke and there's nothing to see somewhere is happiness but grief has a spot too what would you do? stand in one point and hope, come out of box, or act as nothing's stopping you? i might be a wall or [...]