Real Imagination   Today. Is it real or imaginary? Am i sleeping or am I just pretending? Lucid dreaming. You feel confused, I feel energy. My game starts now where's no lights on and you're looking for place to hide. I'm excited, I wander around, eyes are wide open and I hear wispers from backround. Again. [...]


oh shut up yo punk funky groove, you chilling what's ya tryin to prove sue self ass or bury alive. whats my options nigga worse or worst, choose nigga, how can i explain this shit to myself and not underestimate the fate god put me face on Earth? tastes yack but still lasting spit it [...]

Planet Earth

Systematic distress on stressful spaceship, we all being planted to face, face what? Ignorance to be blind, no desire to search, just cruising through universe— all negative sides. So, give solutions Zeus, don't hesitate, face what? Struggle is the topic, rich or poor, not much difference, benjamins equals attention, non equals affliction, every one got [...]